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Technical & Regulatory

We do not only supply chemicals. Working collaboratively with our customers to help them achieve their goals is a top-of-mind goal at Chemtra. Our collaboration extends to discussing to understand customers’ support needs and requirements and providing the much-needed solutions that help make the use of our supplied chemicals worry-free.

Customized Engineering Solutions for Speciality Chemicals

Chemtra’s resources and technical partners have several decades of experience and expertise providing technical support for the handling of hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals.

Solutions for drum packaging include:
  • Provision of manual injection solutions
  • SOP development & staff training
Solutions for bulk packaging include:
  • Sourcing and project design of additive injection solutions
  • Installations and commissioning of engineered solutions
  • Development of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • Resources’ training on engineered solutions

Customized Injection Solutions for Fuel Retailers

Fuel differentiation is a complex process that not only requires solid understanding of detergent additives technology, additive function and the critical role of marketing in making such projects successful. Technical support is equally quite relevant. As part of an agreed collaborative project plan, Chemtra can support customers with:

  • Fuel Differentiation regulatory approvals processes
  • Fuel differentiation project rollout planning
  • Sourcing and installation of detergent additive injection systems
  • Additive injection knowledge transfer.

Regulatory Advice

Our team of outsourced regulatory consultants are highly experienced in advising on fuel specifications and fuel quality. They understand different countries’ requirements and have successfully helped several customers navigate the complex regulatory environments driving policy on product quality and specifications. Our help in this area covers:

  • Supporting customers’ requests for getting approval from their regulatory bodies regarding the use of certain hazardous chemicals
  • Monitoring global regulatory developments and sharing knowledge and data.
  • Communicating our suppliers’ initiatives on some of the regulated chemicals they use
  • Equipping customers’ resources with the tools required to support their regulatory initiatives