Our New Address and Contacts
329 Bracknell, Doncastle Road, Bracknell, RG12 8PE, United Kingdom.
+44 (0) 1344 209 566

Why Chemtra

Chemtra was established with the desire to supply competitively priced chemicals to customers in Africa and the Middle East. Our goal is to gradually bring our products closer to our customers, support them technically and assist them to respond to the growing regulatory demands for cleaner and environmentally friendly chemicals. Our desire and our goal have remained the same since inception, and we continue to work towards achieving them as we journey and grow with our customers in their markets.

Our Vision & Mission

In meeting our customers’ needs, our vision is to become their supplier partner of choice. We will achieve that vision by building sustainable relationships that add value to our customers’ goals and contribute to value-adding solutions for their end-users.

Our Core Values

Chemtra’s core values reflect and support our focus on customers and the environment in which we all operate.

Mutual Respect

The achievement of our goals depends on the effective collaboration of our resources to sustain our vision and purpose. In turn, that collaboration depends highly on mutual respect. Respect is fostered within our organisation and in every interaction with partners, suppliers and other stakeholders across our value chain.


Individually, we know that integrity is the foundation of leadership. On that basis, there are no moral shortcuts in what we do. Every day we do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do.


At Chemtra, we understand that chemicals can be dangerous and toxic, and as such, they require stringent measures for handling. From sourcing to final destination, we give the highest focus on the safe handling of chemicals across our supply chain. Internally, we foster a culture where our employees and contractors are constantly briefed on safety.


Understanding the needs of customers and advocating their interests are necessary for an effective collaboration. We foster collaboration with our suppliers, our contractors and amongst employees to help deliver value-adding solutions to our customers.


While excellence is part of our internal strategy, it’s our customers who should benefit the most. Excellence helps us focus on our customers’ needs, it keeps our employees engaged, empowered and motivated, and it enables problem-solving, teamwork and continuous improvement – all which contribute to effective delivery for our customers.