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As part of our products’ portfolio growth, we’re proud to represent Belgin Oil in a number of African countries for the distribution of their lubricants and greases ranges. This brings another set of quality products to our customers. Having been in existence for nearly 70 years, Belgin Oil are a leading global manufacturer of more than 1000 products. They export their mineral oils, lubricants, greases and metalworking fluids across continents.

Belgin’s outstanding manufacturing capability and state-of-the-art research and development centre produces high quality products that meet the following performance classifications as well as original equipment manufacturers’ (OEM) approvals:

Society of Automotive Engineers
Association of European Automotive Manufacturers
American Petroleum Institute
US Military Oil Specifications
International Lubricant Standardization & Approval Committee
Japan Automobile Standards’ Organization

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Our Lubex range of retail products is made up of six main lubricant segments and one ancillary automotive product group to help meet customers’ demands for the best automotive oils, thus enabling every driver to get the most out of their engine, and every equipment to operate efficiently.

Disclaimer: Lubex & Greson brands are the property of Belgin Oil.

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